French Rack of Lamb

Incredibly tender and unbelievably delicious this rack of lamb would be a treat for any meal. Worldwide this cut is used by the foremost chefs in the finest restaurants. The presentation alone will dazzle and amaze.

Leg of Lamb

A treat for any family gathering a leg of lamb is enjoyed worldwide during the holidays, especially Easter.  It doesn’t matter if your leg is slow roasted or grilled, it’s always tender, juicy and delicious.  A versatile cut, the leg of lamb comes in many different varieties, shank on or off, rump on or off, and bone-in or boneless.

Lamb Chump

Often underestimated but never duplicated a lamb chump is the top choice of many lamb enthusiasts.  The secret to the chump is the thin layer of fat surrounding the cut that caramelizes during cooking adding a deep rich flavor to this succulent cut.

Lamb Shoulder

The lamb shoulder was made for slow roasting.  This hard-working cut may need a little more work than the rest, but give it a few hours in the oven and the unique flavor will be simply overwhelming.  The shoulder boasts a wonderful muscle to fat ratio giving it a deep flavor.

Lamb Shank

When slowly braised lamb shank will simply fall off the bone and onto your fork, leaving the rest up to you.  Lamb Shank is also the perfect size for one so there’s no guessing how much to cook so that everybody is full and satisfied.